Friday, October 02, 2009

The usage of FreeNAS BitTorrent under a router

To use FreeNAS BitTorrent when NAS connected to Internet by a router, we must do some configurations.
  1. For Downloading: We need DNS settings. Open FreeNAS web interface ( Username is admin and password is freenas by default. Under System | General Setup we write IPv4 of DNS severs. In my case I wrote IP of the router ---
  2. For Uploading: Beside DNS we also need port settings. FreeNAS BitTorrent uses default port 51413, which could be closed by router's Firewall. We need open it or in my case use an other opened port (31929). The port setting is under Services | BitTorrent (Peer Port). Don't forget to enable Port forwarding.


Phan Vinh Thinh said...

Don't forget to set configuration directory, otherwise you will lose all torrents' information after reboot. I store them on hard disk.

kostas said...

Really helpfull.Thanks man