Saturday, October 03, 2009

Reflashing wireless router D-Link DIR-320 with Oleg's firmware

The procedure of reflashing Oleg's firmware on D-Link DIR-320:
  1. Getting the latest firmware from and rename it to firmware.bin.
  2. Save it to c:\bin
  3. In c:\bin create file flashing.cmd with the following content:
  4. @Echo Off
    ping -n 1 -w 1
    If errorlevel 1 Goto BEGIN
    If errorlevel 0 Goto FLASH
    Goto END

    Echo *** Start Flashing ****
    tftp -i put firmware.bin


  5. Connect computer to the router by an Ethernet cable with the following LAN setting: IP address, netmask, no need to write gateway and DNS. Do not power on the router.
  6. Run cmd, then change directory to c:\bin and run flashing.cmd
  7. Push and hold Reset while power on the router. When the LAN LED is blinking, you can release Reset button.
  8. Wait while the reflashing process is running.
  9. When the status LED is on (after 1--2 minutes), we need to reset router's default settings. Push and hold Reset button untill status LED starts blinking. Release Reset. The router restarts and will be ready with new firmware.
After reflashing you need to change computers' WLAN or/and LAN adapters settings to get IP address and DNS automatically. Open a web browser and type to login the router with username admin, password admin. You can change username, password and other setting in this web browser interface.

Bash script for Linux users (instead of flashing.cmd):

ping_router() {
until [[ "$result" = 0 ]]
ping -c 1 -W 1 -i 1


echo "*** Start Flashing **** "
tftp -m binary -c put ./firmware.bin
if [[ "$?" = 0 ]]
then echo "Firmware successfully loaded!";


Lucas said...

If I am using DD-WRT, is possible to update to OLEG using web interface ? Or I still need to use tftp ?

Phan Vinh Thinh said...

Hi Lucas,
Sorry that I can't not say what the extract answer is. One thing I know is further Oleg firmware update can be done by web interface.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is possible if you change the extension name to .bin

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Rifcraft said...

thank you verymuch for the lastest firmware,
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