Saturday, May 03, 2008

"Fatal error: can't create i686/soundtest.o: Not a directory" fix while compiling Cinelerra

Yes, I searched everywhere by Google how to fix this error. In fact, many people got this error while compiling Cinelerra version 2. Some asked on the forums, some even went to official #cinelerra IRC chanel. But as I see they did not get the answer. Me too. Installation some dev packages as suggested did not help. And then I found the solution myself. Very simple :).

$ mkdir i868

That all!
P.S. 1. Interesting that my search results on Google show the first. And almost questions are from this forum. This show that Ubuntu is (or was) becoming the most popular Linux distribution. I am using Debian at now. But certainly will take a look at Hardy Heron (8.04) when I'll receive the disks from

2. When compiling you can see the same errors' messages. For me, I got "Fatal error: can't create i686/encore50/bitstream.o: No such file or directory". Solve problem the same way!


Phan Vinh Thinh said...

Read more about compiling Cinelerra at its site.

Kumar said...

this is really great,