Monday, May 12, 2008

Extraction with freezing-out - new techniques and application

Extraction with freezing-out was used in the past in analytical chemistry for sample preparations. Not long ago, in 2007, a Russian scientist-chemist Victor N. Bekhterev published new techniques of this method, which resolved many problems of the old usage and as the result, extraction with freezing-out is renew. It is a genius idea.

In the new techniques, solvable in matrix solution solvents are used instead of insolvable (the old technique). For example, acetonitrile is added to extract organic compounds from aqueous samples. The mixture then freeze in a normal fridge under temperature -15 degree Celsius. In this condition a liquid phase is located on surface of solid water - ice. The acetonitrile liquid phase then separate from solid by decantation and can be analyzed.

Read more about these techniques in Victor Bekhterev's publication and patent (Russian Federation):
  1. Bekhterev V.N. // Mendeleev Communication. 2007. V. 17. p.241. Doi: 10.1016/j.mencom.2007.06.021
    Theory and compare with other separation techniques (in English).
  2. Patent Russian Federation N2303476 Method of isolating from aqueous media via extraction combined with freezing.
    Details of techniques (in Russian).

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