Thursday, May 22, 2014

Photobook by LaTeX as PDF preparation for

DIY photo book by LaTeX is hard (!) but possible.

Why LaTeX []?
- It’s open and free;
- It’s powerful and beautiful;
- It’s scientific;

How I did it?
- Mainly using LaTeX minipage environment.
- And some LaTeX packages.

What's inside the archives?
- Take a look at the included README.txt file.

OK, where can I get them?
- Archives will be named, current version is (have been done as May 21st 2014), located in [this Google Drive folder] (click to open).
- See pdf files layouts-ddmmyy.pdf in the Google Drive folder for overview of available templates.

Happy Children’s Day!

P.S. How to edit photos?
- Use your favorite editor, mine is GIMP.
- For batch (size, rotate,..) converting, convert in the ImageMagick suite is recommended. Again, use your favorite tool!

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Eipa said...

Hey, I like your book. I have a similar project myself.

Why did you use lower resolution pictures for the screened version? Did you also optimise the colours or something for the printout?